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Brutalist artist paradise sourced by LS Productions for London-based Zalando campaign

Fashion retailer Zalando’s new artist-focused campaign titled ‘My SuperCourt, My Story’ looks to celebrate artistry and authenticity for its promotion of Adidas' new SuperCourt collection.

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This component of the full campaign was shot in London and stars Iranian-Dutch singer-songwriter Sevdaliza, providing a hypnotic peek into the artistic process in a celebration of personal style and creative expression. The stills were shot by Brett Lloyd and all film elements were directed by Sergi Castellà. Both elements were produced by Tony Petersen Film and serviced by LS Productions.

Screenshot 2019-07-01 at 14.59.54The LS team worked closely with Tony Petersen Film to create various conceptual sets for the shoot. Old classrooms were turned into piano studios and college atriums into Abbey Road-style recording hubs, as well as constructing a head-spinning mirrored room for Sevdaliza's solo scenes. Transforming the look and feel of the locations required the crew to work efficiently, while simultaneously ensuring the quality of production and the authenticity at the very core of the project.

Börge Heesemann, Executive Producer, Tony Petersen Film commented “we know we can count on LS Productions. This is the second time we’ve partnered with them in the UK. The first time, we came for the security logistics provided on an airport car shoot, and this time it was for the location knowledge to achieve the authenticity the director desired”.

Screenshot 2019-07-01 at 14.55.48Location Manager, Amy Morement, provided two locations that worked for all five of the sets required on the film and photoshoot. The brutalist housing estate and a former central London university building sourced, were used to show Sevdaliza seeking inspiration and crafting melodies across London, dancing between street locations, recording studios, a rooftop and a warehouse club. These in-demand locations were accessible to the production because of LS Productions’ close relationships with location owners, industry bodies and local councils.

LS Productions put to work their strong connection with London casting agencies and far-reaching social media network, while searching for a dancer, a music producer, a studio technician, a cellist, and several partygoers to assist with the story narration for the spot.

Screenshot 2019-07-01 at 15.00.19Ellen De Faux, Senior Producer at LS Productions noted “my team’s focus was to make the shoot as easy as possible – and memorable in the best way possible. We supported the talent and visiting team, utilising our knowledge and expertise to align the director’s creativity with the logistical support necessary to achieve the vision. The locations that Amy and her team sourced set a great tone for the rest of the shoot, and it was awesome to get Tony Petersen Film back to England on a project like this!”.

Talent: Sevdaliza

Director: Sergi Castellà

Photographer: Brett Lloyd

Production Company: Tony Petersen Film

Executive Producers: Börge Heesemann, Volker Steinmetz

Service Production Company: LS Productions

Senior Producer (LS Productions): Ellen De Faux

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