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Vodaphone shoot new spot on location at Liverpool Football Club, Anfield

The brief was to recreate a Premier League style football match with goal scoring shots of Mo Salah supported by green screen and locally cast footballers. The home of Liverpool Football Football Club, Anfield was also utilized.

SetThe one-day shoot required a warehouse space to be dressed with a premium level football pitch and a crew ready at a moment’s notice to shoot and utilize split time with the football star. Additional production shots required high level, and last-minute access to the Premier League team’s ground at Anfield for key tenner, pitch and stadium shots.



Madam Films recently welcomed production company, Good People, JWT Cairo & Vodafone to the UK for a one-day shoot in Liverpool across a dressed location and the home of Liverpool Football Club, Anfield.

Carly Stone, Executive Producer and Co-Founder of Madam Films “What an epic film and productions our Egyptian clients delivered. Working with Salah in Liverpool is always a pleasure for Madam and to be part of this campaign is really rewarding”.

Anfield TunnelMadam Films regularly work with A-List sports personalities across a range of disciplines in addition to football including tennis and Olympic athletes. Their portfolio of work, including previous shoots with Salah, means that they have the experience of working with celebrity talent, their management, sponsors and clubs - all important to ensure the smooth running of a high pressure and time restricted productions. The ability to secure access to heavily restricted areas at short notice also requires strong relationships in line with the world of brand ambassadors.

You can view the film here.


Credit List:
Client: Vodafone
Director: Ahmed El Naggar
Agency: JWT Cairo
Production Company: Good People Films
Executive Producer: Khaled Zaki
Producer: Ammar Abu Shady
UK Service Company: Madam Films
UK Executive Producers: Carly Stone/Michelle Stapleton/Pippa Bhatt
UK Line Producer: Michelle Stapleton
UK Production Manager: Jenny Johnson
UK Production Assistant: Glyn Davidson
UK Production Assistant: Ellie Bartlett
DP:  Pierre Mouarkech
1st AD: Stevie Fylan

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