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Batman prequel Pennyworth filmed on location in London

Epix’s ten-episode Batman prequel Pennyworth, from the creators of Gotham, transformed the capital back to the 1960’s during filming.

PW_101_3398_CC_S_Easy-Resize.com_The story follows the characters in the DC world who do not have superpowers. The ten-part, hour long drama follows Bruce Wayne’s butler, Alfred Pennyworth, a former British SAS soldier in this 20s who sets up a security company to take on local organised crime. The story takes a turn as Pennyworth begins working with young billionaire Thomas Wayne, who is yet to become Bruce Wayne’s father.

Much like Batman prequel Gotham, which shot in New York in 2014, Pennyworth created a retro and dark take on the city in the 60s.

Pennyworth-c.-Zoe-Thomas-FilmFixer-e1565971363616-924x619On-location filming took place throughout London, with areas of Camden, the West End and Southwark used for the shoot. Several streets in Camden welcomed the large numbers of cast a crew which at times felt like they could have belonged to a feature film, rather than a TV production.

Juliet McConnell, Film Officer for Camden, says “this was particularly challenging. Although this was technically a TV drama with the usual tight deadlines, many of the shoots had a cast and crew of 100 or more. The Locations Team did an excellent job of ensuring that they communicated their plans fully to the community and generously donated to a number of charities and TRAs”.

PW_101_6249_CC_S_Easy-Resize.com_Elsewhere in London, Grape Street in the West End doubled as a Soho Street with glittering neon signs, vintage cars, a wet down and smoke effects for atmosphere.

Southwark was used to doubled for the East End, with the Kings Arms in Hatfields and Mayflower in Rotherhithe street both doubling for East End pubs.

With support from Filmfixer, other notable buildings to feature in the series include Senate House on Russell Square, which provided the setting for an army base. Freemasons Hall, on Great Queen Street, St Pancras Station and Central St Martins were also used by the production.

Images: Filmfixer / Epix

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    I would like to know what location was used
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