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Louisiana shot On Becoming a God in Central Florida renewed for season Two

The dark comedy series is set in 1992 central Florida stars Kirsten Dunst as a minimum wage worker park employee who lies and schemes her way through the ranks of a shady pyramid scheme.

Although set in a small town neighbouring Orlando, Florida, the first season primarily filmed in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The series was renewed a month after its premiere on Showtime Network.

Showtime Network President of Entertainment, Jana Winograde said “with such imaginative storytelling and an absolutely inspired lead performance, On Becoming A God has been a revelation” and praised the cast on their performances for bringing a “wondrous blend of satirical light within the economic and emotional melancholy that confronts so many Americans. We couldn’t be happier that On Becoming A God is on Showtime, nor more eager to see what wild events await our ensemble in the downline of season two”.

Whereas Florida currently has no state-wide filming incentive, Louisiana operates a 25% base credit on expenditures exceeding USD300,000. There are additional incentives that can take the base investment credit rate up to a total 40%. Factors such as if the production base and 60% of filming takes place outside the New Orleans area, and the screen play is written by a Louisiana resident affect the overall rate.

In comments to Florida’s WFTV media outlet, Jon Lux, of Film Florida said “It is heart-breaking to see the amount of production set in Florida that is shot somewhere else. In the last few years, there were more seventy projects that wanted to shoot in Florida but didn’t because we couldn’t compete, and we lost them”. There have been notable exceptions however, such as thriller I saw a Man with yellow Eyes and there are still regional incentives to be found in the state.

Louisiana is a popular location for productions, having recently hosted both Purge season two, and Netflix’s Queen of the South season four which both air on USA Networks in the US.

The Louisiana Tax Credit is available to feature film, TV series , commercials, video and online gaming as well as music videos and short films.

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