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straight 8 shootout online #2 calls for entries and announces new partners

Hot on the heels of shootout at cannes 2019, straight 8 - the global one-super-8-cartridge-no-editing film challenge - has launched its next ‘shootout’: a chance for creative companies worldwide to compete for charity with a new super 8 short film, made entirely in-camera, and seen for the first time, even by them, at the online premiere in December.

Entry opens 8am London time and only the first twenty companies to buy their entry place are in. It’s strictly first come first served and all entry details are available here.

Film delivery deadline is 15th November, and sound delivery is on November 22nd. The global premiere and winner announcement – live online takes place on December 5th.

Any kind of creative company is invited to rise to the straight 8 shootout challenge: to make a 2.5 minute short film created entirely in-camera on just one cartridge of super 8mm film. Every shot is taken in story order, with no opportunity for re-takes or editing. Any visual effects, colouring and titling must be done the old-fashioned way: as part of the shoot, with the camera. Super 8 doesn’t record sound, so soundtracks are made ‘blind’ and must be original. Entrants send their exposed but un-developed film cartridges to straight 8 partners Cinelab London who will process and scan the films. straight 8 will then line up each soundtrack with the first frame of the film. It’s that ‘simple’.

“We’re very happy to be continuing to grow shootout. It only takes 20 brave companies to put their name on the line and get to do what they want: no brief, no budget, technical restraints galore but otherwise pure creative freedom. That freedom is debilitating for some but for everyone else shootout is here. Ad our existing partners and new ones - we welcome Cheat, No.8 and Panavision - are all helping us make sure it keeps growing and that our unusual challenge is thrown down to ever more varied companies.”

The creative brief: what do you want to do with 2.5 minutes of screen time to impress your colleagues, competitors and friends who’ll be watching your film when you do? Because the most thrilling part is that the first time anyone sees even their own work - no matter how, or even if, it came out - is at the premiere which in this case is live online, with the world watching! During the live stream, entered companies will cast their votes, not voting for their own film and the winners will be announced. As well as earning an iconic camera trophy made by shootout partners, Machine Shop, they get to donate prize money to the charities of their choice.

Click here to see the winners form the Cannes 2019 shootout.

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