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Leica’s Like the Night campaign captures the US, Europe and Africa at night

New York, LA, New Orleans, Berlin, Bucharest, Paris, Johannesburg and the Lesotho border feature in the new work from Barney Cokeliss.

The entire film was shot on the full-frame Leica SL using a mixture of SL and M lenses to show the camera’s capabilities when used in low-light.

In the spot, female photographers captures their surroundings which vary from a snowy New York City to the starry skies of mountainous landscapes. She Walks in Beauty, a poem by Lord Byron narrates over a soundtrack composed by Finnish Composer Anné Kulonen.  

The film was entirely shot on the full-frame Leica SL using a mixture of SL and M lenses to show users the capabilities of using a Leica in low-light.

In comments to Shots, the director noted that his extensive experience as a photographer meant that “we could travel light… in all but one [location] I was my own DP. Since my photographic work tens to be about finding the atmosphere in available-light-situations, I’ve had a lot of practice making images with relatively little lighting gear and not many crew”.

Locations were chosen not only through the range of looks and activities they could provide, but also due to established relationships with production companies such as Icon in Bucharest and Bubbles in Berlin that would make the shoot work.  Much of the cast were recruited by chance in the streets, while others are known actors and artists. The spot is currently being shown in UK cinemas.


Director: Barney Cokeliss

Music: Anné Kulonen

Editor: Ben Corfield - Stitch Editing

Sound Design & Mix: - Ben Leeves - Jungle Studios

Colour: Simone Grattarolo and Myles Bevan - Time Based Arts

VFX: Duncan Malcom - Glassworks

Production: Bubbles Films (Berlin), Icon Films (Romania), Them Media (NYC).

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