Written by Shona Smith on Jan 2, 2020. Posted in General Interest

Andy Fiord Lab opens Russia’s first certified Dolby Vision mastering studio

Europe has over fifty Dolby Vision mastering studios, but the opening of the Andy Fiord Lab in Moscow, Russia marks the first facility of its kind in the country.

Andy Fiord Lab, a company founded by R&D department of Ista Group and Andy Fiord Production is the first certified facility in Russia that will allow local producers to work with Dolby Vision to maximise the experience of HDR on their projects. The technology delivering brightness, accurate colour reproduction, contrast, rich colours and dynamic metadate that allows each shot to look more realistic and detailed. It also allows creators to control how HDR imagery will appear on TV and mobile devices.

"The introduction of HDR, Dolby Vision is a kind of revolution in the industry. Its importance is comparable to the transition from black and white image to a colourful one”, emphasises Andrey Zuev (Fiord) from Andy Fiord Lab. “We are glad to become the first certified Dolby Vision colour correction and mastering studio in Russia and we are confident that it will allow to bring content production in Russia to a whole new level".

Alexey Ugrinovich, General Manager of Dolby Russia and CIS says “Dolby Vision technology helps content creators to deliver a more compelling and immersive experience, as well as better deliver what they created in the colour suite to the consumer. We’re pleased that our colleagues at Andy Fiord Lab were the first in Russia to support the global momentum in the growth of Dolby Vision content and provide Russian companies with the opportunity to create content that meets international industry standards”.

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