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Ten international projects have benefitted from Poland’s 30% cash rebate

Since its introduction in early 2019, ten international projects and sixteen national projects have been approved for the 30% incentive. According to the Polish Film Institute, who handles the incentive, support totals EUR12 million while the amount of expenses incurred in Poland under the co-financed projects reached EUR 50 million.

“We clearly see increased interest in the Polish offer on the international arena” says Radosław Śmigulski, general director of the Polish Film Institute, who manage the incentive system. “The introduction of incentives was a key factor when it comes to our competitiveness among other countries of the region, but the international successes of Polish artists also help in proving the potential and creativity. We are conducting talks that are aimed at improving film infrastructure in Poland, including the construction of new soundstages” he adds.

The scheme has an annual budget of EUR 50.2, of which EUR12 million has been allocated. Śmigulski comments “I hope that 2020 will be even more effective when it comes to use of the funds”. Five further projects that have jointly applied for EUR1.6 million in support are currently being assessed.

The highest amount approved for a single project totalled EUR1.4 million while over the twently-six projects the average amount of support amounted to EUR458,101.

German producers have made the most use of the fund so far, with German projects including mini-series The Turncoat (pictured) and co-productions such as German-Danish disaster series Sloborn. Projects commissioned by international broadcasters or streaming services that have benefitted from the incentive include The Thaw for HBO Europe, the second season of Ultraviolet produced by Opus Film for AXN.

Two animated projects have also been supported by the fund which allocates 10% of its budget to support animated productions.

In total, the budget of all projects applying for incentives totalled EUR50.7 million with the average budget of a project totalling EUR1.95 million.

The Polish Cash Rebate amounts to support of 30% of Polish eligible costs on production costs incurred in Poland. Feature films, animated series and documentaries and series, animated series all qualify and 10% of the annual budget it intended to support animated productions.

Minimum spend, limits to support per project and applicant differ depending on the type of production. A Polish partner or company registered in Poland is required to apply for support. There are no deadlines; applications are processed in order of submission until the funds for a given year are depleted. Financial support is paid after the presentation and positive verification of the final report on production or the stage of work covered by the support.

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