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Film L.A report reveals Georgia attracted highest number of top-grossing films in 2018

Film L.A.'s new report Feature Film: A Profile of Production reveals that California and New York were the most frequent filming jurisdictions for U.S. originated features released in 2018. However, the US state of Georgia, the UK and Canada attracted a proportionately high percentage of the year's top grossing films which “tend to be higher-budget projects that generate a substantial economic impact”.

Out of the 291 narrative features of U.S. origin analysed, two-thirds of projects filmed in just one jurisdiction, 21% filmed in two, and 5% in three. California, New York, the UK, Georgia and Canada were used as locations for 73.5% of all films studied. The report concludes the common factor among the five dominating hubs “is their competitive tax credits, crew depth, and existing infrastructure, particularly available sound stages”.

For the first time, Film L.A's annual report on feature filming locations takes into account the global locations that hosted principal production on U.S. originated narrative features, including those from major streaming platforms. Although streaming features only represented fifty-six of the 291 projects analysed, the segment is the fastest growing sector and projects often have budgets upwards of USD100 million.

Some differences between favoured locations for streaming and theatrically released projects existed. California hosted the most theatrical features, with sixty-two, while New York hosted the most streaming features, totalling thirteen. Internationally, the UK hosted the most theatrical features, at thirty-seven, while Canada hosted the most streaming movies with ten, compared to four coming to the UK.

Theatrical projects also shot in France (8), Italy (7), Germany (5) and Hungary (4). Streaming features chose Serbia (3), Mexico (2), Romania (2) and Spain (2). Overall, four-hundred and fifteen total locations across the globe were counted.

Nearly three quarters of all theatrical and streaming projects were filmed, either entirely or partially, in the top five production centres.

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In terms of top-grossing films, the report states “California has been losing its market share of top-grossing films for nearly two decades now. The majority of top-grossing films tend to be higher-budget projects that generate a substantial economic impact”.

Although California and New York are the most frequent filming jurisdictions overall, Georgia, the UK and Canada attracted a proportionately-high percentage of the top-grossing projects. In 2018, eleven projects that primarily filmed in California were top-grossing – 17.7% of the 62 features. Comparatively, Georgia hosted twenty-two of the top-grossing films released in 2018 including Avengers: Infinity War, Black Panther (pictured) and Venom. The UK had sixteen, Canada had eleven, and New York eleven.

California's Film and TV Tax Credit program provides a 20% for non-indie, and 25% for indie features. Qualified spend for feature films is USD1 million and A 5% uplift for out of LA zone filming, music scoring & track recording. There is a annual cap of USD330 million.

Georgia's incentives start with a 20% tax credit on local spend, this jumps to 30% if content contains a Georgia state logo. There are no limits or caps and the rebate applies to both in-state and out-of-state works.

The UK 25% tax credit covers production and post production for both TV series and documentaries, feature and documentary features and post production. The incentive has no annual cap or sunset date.

New York has a 30% refundable tax credit capped at USD420 million annually. The state also offers a 10% uplift for labour costs on projects shooting in upstate New York.

Canada also has a federal Film or Video Production Tax Services Credit that provides a 16% payroll tax rebate for foreign productions. This jumps up to 25% for national and co-productions. Like the majority of Canadian territories, British Colombia and Ontario, the two jurisdictions with the most incoming projects, have incentives that are stackable with the federal provision.

To read the full report, click here.

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