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Iceland opens for business

The Government of Iceland has announced that it expects to start easing restrictions on international arrivals. Modified quarantine procedures for filming in Iceland during COVID-19 have been published by the Directorate of Health and Chief Epidemiologist for Iceland.

From 15 May professionals arriving in Iceland, including filmmakers, will be eligible for a modified quarantine with specific limitations and criteria. This allows companies to request an exemption from home quarantine provided they comply with extensive requirements around their environment and enact safety procedures on production sites.

Minister of Tourism, Industry and Innovation Mrs. Þórdís Kolbrún Reykfjörð Gylfadóttir stated the following: "Iceland has become an increasingly popular location for international film-crews. We continue to encourage this trend with incentives because we value the experience and knowledge gained by our local crews and the economic impact for local communities and for the country as a whole. I am happy that in spite of COVID-19 we have managed, in cooperation with our health authorities, to provide a rare opportunity for international film-crews to continue work, while of course respecting all the precautions and measures we have put in place in order to make this possible".

No later than 15 June 2020 further easing of restrictions is planned. Travelers are then expected to be given a choice between a two-week quarantine or being tested for the virus upon arrival, or otherwise proving that they are free of coronavirus infection.

With only three infections confirmed in May, Icelandic authorities are keen to maintain the progress made so far in controlling the COVID-19 pandemic and making Iceland a safe place and stimulate economic growth at the same time. Testing and tracking measures for travellers will be frequently reviewed to ensure that the pandemic remains under control in Iceland.
Film in Iceland is the Icelandic Film Commission. It is run by Promote Iceland, a public-private partnership. Icelandic scenery and expert production service crews in Iceland have played an important role in major films and TV programs for over twenty years like Game of Thrones, The Fate of the Furious, Promotheus, and several others

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