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Q+A with Albert Soler, President of the Spanish Association Advertising Producers (APCP)

How is the APCP supporting the industry at this time?

From the beginning of the state of alarm in our country, we were working daily to adapt ourselves to the new work methodologies always taking into consideration the workers’ health. We are facing an unfamiliar situation in which we have to give our best suport to our partners.

On the 20th of April, the APCP shared a work Protocol that was created following the current health regulations, which will be updated and adapted to any new regulation that comes into force.

The aim of this Protocol is to foster the economic recovery of the advertising film industry, whilst protecting the workers and supporting public health in order to contribute and adapt to the current situation.
We are closely working along with public administrations and competent entities to get to know how the situation is developing daily so to how the industry can continue doing through it.

How were the protocols created and were they done in consultation with members?

Everything that is said in the Protocol was reviewed by legal departments and by the most important Medical and Occupational Safety companies at the audio-visual industry in Spain such as Geseme and PrevenCine. Furthermore, AENOR will certify that all associates comply with it.

It is compulsory to abide to the safety guidelines approved by the Ministry of Health and to any public indication which may be issued in the future.
As I said before, the Protocol was created following the current health regulations, which will be updated and adapted to any new regulation that comes into force.

Have your members started to prepare to shoot under the new guidelines?

Yes, indeed they are at the pre-production stage. While we have more details from them about how this experience is going along we will share it with you all.

International companies often work with Spanish producers, how will this to continue in coming months?

As you all know, these are unprecedented times and all the industries might take into consideration new ways of working rules and health issues from nowadays to the future.

In order to avoid transmission, remote work will be prioritized, whenever possible. Remote production could be a good asset for international companies as well as key members flying to shoot only.

It is something that some international companies have started to play with from the last year as it also decrease expenses. From them we know it is something that can be accomplished and that would be a great tool to get along at the actual worldwide situation.

Commercial production is a cornerstone of the Spanish audio-visual industry, will the existing infrastructure help the industry to bounce back once lockdowns are restricted?

The economy has to continue working so the audio-visual industry will. The desire to do it while supporting public health is here, we have to adjust our habits and to rethink some of the old ways of working, only this. We want to be optimistic about the future working in the present to make it possible.

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