Written by Shona Smith on May 13, 2020. Posted in General Interest

Warsaw's The Film Place unites Polish directing talent for eyes and ears on remote shoots

The Film Place Warsaw is presenting clients with top local foreign speaking film directors for eyes and ears on remote shoots. The new initiative responds to the increasing demand for remote shoots due to coronavirus.

The Film Place, one of the leading production service companies in Poland has united the leading directing talent in the country. “"Up until today - as a film service company - presenting local directors had never really been necessary for obvious reasons, but the current situation begs for solutions and we at The Film Place believe that by offering the services of our best local Directors and/or DoP’s to our clients, one major solution has been found" says business development executive Kasia Krynska. "These directors are incredibly gifted and I appreciate the opportunity of being able to showcase the excellent talent pool that we have gathered under our aegis; I suppose it's one of the few silver linings of this frustrating and crippling pandemic."

All the recommended directors speak fluent English, one is French, another German and all live in Poland. Until coronavirus hit incoming projects brought directing talent and DoP’s. As international travel is impacted, remote production is a solution for live action to international clients and directors are able to provide expert eyes and ears on set. The initiative allows for directing eyes and ears on set.

The Film Place points to Poland’s rich film culture and history that has produced respected international filmmakers, crews and talent. Directors to have come from Poland include Kieslowski, Polanski, Skolimowski and, more recently, Pawlikowski (Cold War) and Komasa (Corpus Christi).

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