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Advertorial: Boutique production company in Japan offers fixing and full production services

Imago Machina is a boutique production company based in Tokyo founded with the purpose of creating original content, offering full creative and production services, and fixing for international productions in East Asia.

Created by producers Marcio Edagi and Irene Herrera, Imago Machina thrives on having a team that has over two decades of experience working across Asia and South America. As long-term bilingual residents in Japan, the Imago Machina team has a deep understanding of the country and a solid know-how of the TV and film industry.

Imago Machina facilitates the production of foreign productions in Japan and also takes Japanese crews to film in South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia. During the COVID-19 crisis the IM team served as acting producers and line directors on several commercials, a few branded content documentaries, and a couple of full half-hour nonfiction episodes for major networks. By following storyboards, using remote technology, and presenting rushes on an immediate turnaround, they were able to deliver the closest version possible of the clients' original vision.

Imago Machina thrives on being multifaceted, flexible and making anything and everything possible. They are often known for being intrepid and pushing boundaries in Japan. Last year they worked on more than 40 projects across different genres and formats, deployed teams of all sizes in the region and added more directors and DPs to their portfolio.

Among their clients are: CNN, BBC, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, ITV, Sky Arts, The Guardian, Human Rights Watch, NETFLIX, Amazon Studios, The New York Times, Vice, The Japan Times, NBC, NHK World, Apple TV, among others.

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