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Advertorial: Heroes with arms wide open but no hugs. Well ok, we might give you one.

Iceland has now become now one of the safest countries for filming regarding the virus.

You will be tested upon arrival and then off you go after installing the Covid tracking app in your mobile. That's it.

Hero Productions is a service companies located in Iceland. Known for its warm hugs and amazing attitude towards life. As well open and honest way of thinking in their productions.

But enough boasting about ourselves in third person.

For the last months we have been in stand still as everyone else in the world, and we know how much you all want to fly around the world to be creative.

If you ever think about visiting Iceland and need assistance, give us a call as we love our work and also miss all of you.

Iceland has one of the most creative landscapes you will encounter over the world. With the mix of different landscapes close to each other makes it extremely easy to be versatile in creation.

With only 30 minutes drive between the vast sand flats to the rugged mountains to lavafields and even to the glaciers in the background. And the experience of the icelandic film crew is just mindblowing when it comes to how professional they are.

We are a bunch of friends running a company together, and there is nothing we love more than to show you our country in the best way we can.

So step down to Hero Productions and take a glance at our services and products.

Because the prices here are just crazy and everything has to go.

I have always wanted to be the mattress king ;)

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