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Producing in a pandemic: the view from Sweden

Unlike much of Europe, Sweden has never fully locked down due to coronavirus although social distancing and health and safety measures were put in place. For the last few months, producers have continued to work, adapting to the new situation in real time.

Gustav Garhammar, executive producer and partner at full service creation studio Chimney explains how creative has changed in response to coronavirus.

What sort of content have you been making in the last few months?

Same as before, but scenes with a lot of people or older actors should be avoided. So we are still producing TV Commercials and B2B marketing material such as interviews and lectures. We have had an increase in live webinars that replaced physical events.

How do guidelines affect the day to day running of the shoot?

The guidelines mostly affect us timing-wise. Since we are having more space between each other, and are more spread out during the day it takes a bit more time to approve and discuss styling for example. And if a client is remote, it will need more time in approve sets, styling and takes, since it all has to be done through the camera and via the live feed.

How does creativity take into account the new working environment/restrictions?

Don't start a script “we open up on a crowded beach” for example. But I personally think this is good for the creative so they need to challenge themselves to make the same type of communication but with another creative angle to deliver the message.

Do you have any advice for producers as they begin to work on live action shoots again?

Make sure to plan the shoots even better than before, make sure you have enough time for remote decision if needed. And make sure that everybody is aware of the rules and restrictions on set.

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