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straight 8 shootout: the isolation edition announces live global premier

What happens when companies like adamandeveDDB, Caviar, Iris Worldwide, and Partizan make in-camera-edited super 8 films in lockdown? Find out at the straight 8 shootout: the isolation edition global premier, live online on Thursday June 25th at 2pm UK time on straight8.net.

Thirteen creative companies from around the world will battle it out with their in-camera-edited super 8 films made under strict lockdown conditions, for straight8's charity company competition: SHOOTOUT.

In competition are: adamandeveDDB, Caviar, Iris Worldwide, JAM VFX, Partizan, Rockhound ​(all from London), ​Blur Films + 24/7 (Madrid office), ​Yolafilmo Productions (Barcelona), ​Voces Imaginarias (Mexico City), ​Mr+Positive and Nion​ (both from Tokyo), ​Gloria Content ​and​ 432 Films​ (Los Angeles).

These companies snapped up their places to compete for charity in straight 8 shootout. They signed up to make a film in one of the hardest ways on earth: edited in-camera, on one roll of super8, with no post-production, and therefore no opportunity to tweak it or even see it before its global premiere. That premiere was due to be on the same date in Cannes during the Lions International Festival of Creativity - now cancelled. So, straight 8, their partners: ​APA​, ​Cinelab London​, ​No.8​, ​Panavision​, ​Machine Shop and the cohort of entered companies agreed to defy the odds and premiere on the same date, June 25th, but live online, without breaking isolation.

straight 8 one super 8 cartridge no editing  guidelines for their shoots. Find out how they fared using the potency of creative shape-shifting without crew, actors, locations, and with limited craft services and toilet roll. Shootout partner Cinelab London has run a special bath just for this batch of films.

straight 8 Founder, Ed Sayers says "Even we won't have seen the results and all films will play even if they're black. It takes the most ridiculously brave creative companies to put their neck and brand on the line like this so we thank them all! We can't wait to see what's been made, and who comes out on top. We want to have as big an online audience as possible, so please tune in and tell your friends around the world to join in too!

During the stream, right after the films have played all entered companies will cast their votes, not voting for their own film. The winners will get an iconic camera trophy made by shootout partners, Machine Shop, and will get to donate prize money to the charities of their choice.

The day before and after the shootout premiere, straight 8 will live stream the winners of their annual open competition straight 8 2020 for individuals, which as screened annually at The Cannes Film Festival since 2003.

Tune in to the straight 8 shootout: the isolation edition global premier live online on Thursday June 25th at 2pm UK time on straight8.net.

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