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Additional guidelines from UK broadcasters outlines how closer contact on set is possible

The flexibility for small numbers of a production to work in closer contact means that familiar series including Line of Duty are looking to resume production from August. The new set of guidelines outline how production activity requiring closer interaction than the two-metre social distancing rules allow, is possible.

In order for broadcasters to resume filming a full range of programmes during Covid-19, small numbers of people on a production will need to breach social distancing measures. Cast and crew who need to work closer than two metres apart can be placed in a Close Contact Cohort (CCC).

CCC’s will be as small as possible and act as fixed teams. More than one CCC can be established in a production, but mixing and swapping are to be kept to a minimum. CCC’s will have increased Covid-19 screening routines compared to the rest of the production and follow social distancing guidelines outside of the group. The full five page guide can be found here.

The CCC system differs from a ‘bubble’ production approach which relies on more controlled environment, which relies on more stringent testing and quarantine applied before entering a controlled environment. “The bubble approach would only be appropriate where the risk of COVID needs to be controlled to an exceptionally low level due to significant vulnerabilities of others within the bubble or other commercial reasons that could impact production delivery significantly”.

In comparison, the CCC guidelines allow closer contact for some on set while working within the existing production guidelines from the British Film Commission. The new guidelines work to mitigate and assess risk whilst allowing for a full range of productions to resume safely.

The guidance has been developed by BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Sky, STV and ITN as well as the Association for Commercial Broadcasters and On-Demand Services and PACT.

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