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Advertorial: Namibia is Open for Business

March 2020 celebrated twenty years of business for Namib Film – Namibia’s longest running and most established Production Company.

Namib Film started from humble beginnings by scouting locations for visiting producers, and providing location logistics for various productions. From that point on they have built from strength to strength, with a vast array of productions coming through their door. Namib Film is the only Namibian based company that has facilitated Hollywood studio films, and also proved to be the facilitator of choice for major Bollywood productions that arrive in Namibia.

Since Namib Film’s inception, the company has been part of the development of the Namibian film industry. Through their extensive industry knowledge, the company has been a major contributor towards the advancement of film crew in Namibia, and employs a core pool of 120 existing freelance crew members.

Namib Film stands out from its competitors as the company is operated by fulltime dedicated industry professionals, 24/7 from their permanent offices in Swakopmund. Clients also enjoy the backing and support of the group’s strong managerial team who are always available for consultation and assistance. Another factor which makes Namib Film stand out above the rest is that a US$ 1 million public liability insurance cover applies to all their productions.

Namib Film is dedicated to bridging the gap between Namibia and the international filmmaker by providing exceptional experience and infrastructure and a quality service to productions of any size and magnitude. They will offer you a team dedicated to your production, according to your needs and the scale. As their company slogan states: “Never underestimate the advantage of local knowledge”.

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  • Murray Ashton


    Nice one Guy. Great to see that you and Namib Films are back in production business already!