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The Emilia-Romagna Film Commission (ERFC) is the department of the Emilia-Romagna Region that deals with film and audiovisual projects. A dedicated Fund enables the ERFC to support the development and production of works and to promote film festivals and showings. The financial tool supports and promotes film and audio-visual productions and was created with the objective to strategically enhance the entrepreneurial, professional, cultural and environmental resources of the region.


We support operators in the exploration of the region and its rich location gallery: Rural, seaside and mountain landscapes, art and spellbinding locations, industrial hubs and disused areas. In Emilia Romagna life is great and filming is even better, providing the perfect backdrop for all types of stories.

We help in matters of logistics and obtaining permits, on-line with agencies and municipalities.

We provide assistance in scouting and casting: to find the right place and the right face.

On completion of filming we support the participation of producers in regional, national and international events in the film industry.

On our portal you can consult the Production Guide, the databank that contains information and professional services as well as the COVID-19 film industry working regulation.

We publicise the production companies’ presence in the region and we enhance it through the site and social media. We promote the productions supported with the Fund in markets and festivals throughout the world.

Through the Audio-visual Fund the region’s intends to help structure and enhance the audio-visual supply, and the consequent economic benefits for the area.

The amount of financing is established year by year and it is intended to support the development phase and the production phase.

The Fund is awarded via calls for tender.

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