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Perrier shoots spaghetti western spot over four days in central Athens

The four-day shoot with Gang Films for Perrier - Heat was serviced by Green Olive Films in central Athens. Two months of preparation and rehearsals went into the filming and it is an example of large commercial shoots that are beginning to place again, after a year when many productions are staying small and shooting remotely.

Greece's accessibility for international crew was one of the reasons it shot in the country. According to Green Olive the scale of the production resembled a feature film rather than the typical commercial, particularly those shooting in 2020. An international crew of forty arrived in Greece to rehearse for the four day shoot, and were joined by a local crew of two-hundred and twenty.

The spot pays homage to the spaghetti western and reincarnates Perrier's historic signature “Water, Air, Life”. Opening in blistering heat, a woman enters an empty square on horseback and opens a cool bottle of Perrier. The fizz echoes through the city and a thirsty crowd pursues the woman who escapes across rooftops.

The chase sequence was shot on exterior rooftops that involved a six-day build and a three day rehearsal and the shoot involved multiple units with three cameras for various stunts. Roads, squares and major streets of the capital were shut down completely for the commercial production which is uncommon for commercial productions in Greece. This achieved  by working closely with the Athens Film Office, The Municipality of Athens and the Mayor’s Office.

The numbers on set rose to four hundred at some points. In addition to the key production team there was a local crew of two-hundred and twenty, one-hundred and fifty talent and extras. One of the reasons that Greece was chosen for the shoot was due to the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic that meant the country and had no quarantine restrictions or limit on the number of cast and crew based on the current protocols. Green Olive prepared a detailed strategy plan that had to be maintained across every stage of the large production and this included an independent Covid-19 production unit.

MPC handled the VFX for the stylistic spot, and the making of shows how Athens was transformed for Heat.

Greece opened its borders to international production at the beginning of July, and prep began for shoots taking place into the autumn months. The country also uplifted its cash rebate to 40% for feature, TV films and series, post-production and games production.

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Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Paris
International Production Company: Gang Films
Co-Production: Independent Films
Executive Producer: Jean Villiers
DOP: Phedon Papamichael
Production Designer: Ethan Tobman
Costume Designer: Jany Tamime
Stunt Coordinator: Lee Morrison
VFX: MPC | Paris
Music: Saint-Preux - Concerto Pour Une Voix
Service Production Company: Green Olive Films
Executive Producer: Simos Manganis (Green Olive)
Executive Producer: Maria Kopanou (Green Olive)

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