Written by Shona Smith on Dec 1, 2020. Posted in Awards and Festivals

ADVERTORIAL: Why Does My Production Company Need a Music Publishing Administrator?

You’ve gone to the trouble of entering into agreements that grant your production company ownership of certain rights to music compositions and recordings.

Now, how can a music publisher help your company?

In short, a music publishing administrator is responsible for administering the exploitation of the musical works you own or control. They will seek out new exploitations and ensure that all uses are properly registered, tracked, collected, and paid to you, so that no money is left on the table. 

This is much more than simply registering with a performing rights organization. This requires a partner who is invested in growing revenue, and is uniquely qualified to add value to your portfolio.

Find out more, watch our presentation at FOCUS on Wednesday Dec 16 at 11:20am http://www.tlgfocus.com/, our ad in makers, visit us online at www.ccsrightsmangement.com or call us on 1-416-573-4050

CCS Rights Management – Your Music Partner.

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