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Advertorial: The landscape of Russian production services: producing high quality content on all stages

In the face of the pandemic and film production restrictions all over the world we entered 2021 with the lack of new content and large-scale projects. One of the countries that conversely showed the rise in production was Russia, conquering screens over the world with high-quality projects and appealing stories. Behind the scenes of the top high grossing films and series from Russia stand dozens of filming teams, VFX, sound design and other production services who make all the success happen.

(c) 1-2-3 Production Dead Mountain: The Dyatlov Pass Incident 

The Russian service and production industry offers all sorts Rof work from full circle productions to VFX, sound design and talent management and is ready to implement not only local projects: a great many Russian companies have already proved their expertise working with international productions with the help of local talents and world-class facilities. The most recent collaborations include projects with USA, UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Poland.

(c) Main Road Post - Major Grom: Plague Doctor

This June Russia is to host the third international content market Key Buyers Event - this year's digital edition of the forum will feature a stand alone section with a spotlight on 24 top service companies from Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. The companies will present their scope and best case studies to the international participants of the market.  Here is a brief look at some of the recent projects.

  • Vodorod Pictures, one of the leading Moscow-based full circle productions, produced 8 high grossing local blockbusters such as Invasion, Attraction, Ice, as well as the sci-fi film Sputnik - all projects have scored the highest box offices in Russia and successfully performed on the international screens. The company’s portfolio includes American mini-series Chernobyl (HBO) and British mini-series McMafia (BBC and AMC production) - Vodorod Pictures was in charge of organisation and execution of the filming in Moscow for both projects.
  • Main Road Post, VFX and CG production studio’s portfolio encompasses more than 50 titles which include large-scale Stalingrad, Attraction, Sputnik, Major Grom feature films as well as international projects such as Wanted (USA), The Seventh Son (USA) and Warriors of the Future (Hong Kong). Main Road Post offers visual effects services, creating imagery and concept art, pre-visualization and animatics, photorealistic and magical environments, effects and creatures.

(c) Vodorod - Sputnik

  • 1-2-3 VFX studio, post-production daughter company of 1-2-3 Production, produces visual effects for feature films and series. Among company’s recent projects are To The Lake series which appeared on Netflix’s TOP 10 in 59 countries worldwide and as one of top 10 Netflix Originals foreign shows of 2020 in USA, Dead Mountain: The Dyatlov Pass Incident which is represented by Beta Film and the winner of The Best Series award at Serial Killer Fest 2020 Six Empty Seats. 1-2-3 VFX is currently working on WWII action drama feature Bansu, including 3D recreations of historical sites, and on the visual concept for the feature film “Metro 2033”, based on the cult novel by Dmitry Glukhovsky.
  • Among the successes of a sound production company Flysound are sound design for the winner of several international festivals Loveless, full-service sound for Sputnik, Ice, Attraction and field recording (Moscow block) for HBO series Chernobyl. Flysound is now working on the projects with companies from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Estonia.
  • Sound post-production studio Atmosfera has in its list of cases Upon the Magic Roads and Cosmoball (CTB Film Company). Atmosfera has also been involved in the post-productions of the US projects A Good Day to Die Hard, American Night, Red Shoes and Seven Dwarfs.

The upcoming Key Buyers Event: digital will feature many more teams from Russia - VFX, sound design, animation, location management, rentals and others - who will introduce their services within the market platform. Registration is now open and free to all international participants!


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