Written by Shona Smith on May 17, 2021. Posted in Incentive News

California state tax credits receive extra USD30 million in 2021

California state governor Gavin Newsom has announced a USD30 million boost to the film and television tax credits as part of a USD100 billion "California Roars Back Plan". The funding is thanks to California's USD100 billion budget surplus. Housing, drought and water infrastructure are other areas the plan is tackling with large financial investment.

The California's tax credit has successfully retained and lured in production since 2014. Jason Bateman’s Here Comes the Flood, the Coen Brothers Scarface remake and Reese Witherspoon produced Ashley’s War are among twenty-two selected projects so far in 2021 which will see California double for Afghanistan, Mexico and China.

The additional USD30 million of funding expands the tax credit by nearly 10%, boosting available support to USD360 million as a one off.

“This is an opportunity for those productions, TV and others, in places like Georgia, whose values don’t necessarily always align with the production crews, to consider coming back to the state of California. And that’s what that $30 million intends to do,” said Newsom at the press conference.

Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter California Film Commission executive director Colleen Bell said the additional funding will go to relocating TV series: “To date, our tax credit program has welcomed 23 relocating series from other states and countries. The additional funding will enable us to grow that positive impact.”

Since the programme began, 23 relocating series have benefitted from the 25% non-transferable tax credit for the first series filmed in the state of California. Subsequent seasons receive 20%, with 5% uplifts provided for music, vfx or out-of-zone filming.

To date relocated TV series have account for an estimated 7,500 cast and crew jobs, USD852 million in qualified spending and USD1.12 billion in overall spending. Most recently, HBO’s The Flight Attendant (pictured above) relocated from New York, and TBS sitcom Chad from British Colombia.


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