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Advertorial: Spain, A Great International Film Set

Unique natural landscapes, unusual architectural styles and public policies of fiscal aid for foreign productions have turned Spain into a great international film set.

There is no longer any doubt that Spain has become a top center for international production. The filming of international blockbusters in this country such as HBO's Game of Thrones or the success of national fictions such as Netflix's La Casa de Papel are just two examples of the weight of the Spanish audiovisual industry in the rest of the world.

There are many reasons why this has happened: Spain is a modern and welcoming European country, boasting extraordinary locations, unique natural landscapes, buildings with unusual architectural styles, wonderful Mediterranean light, and professional and friendly people, all of which it is complemented by a well-established audiovisual industry.

To this it must be added that the Spanish Government has chosen the audiovisual sector as a strategic one and approved the plan 'Spain, Audiovisual Hub of Europe', last March, with more than EUR 1.6 billion in public investment until 2025, with the aim of turning Spain into a leading country in audiovisual production in the digital era, a magnet for international investment and talent, and with a reinforced ecosystem for exporting and competing in international markets

Here are some of the reasons why shooting in Spain is a sure hit:

    Tax incentives for international films and television series

  • 30% tax rebate in Spain overall
  • 35% tax credit in Navarra
  • 50% tax rebate in the Canary Islands

□        Top-level audio-visual industry talent including producers, creators and directors.

□        Major technical capabilities for film-making and other related industries.

□       Low production costs compared to other countries.

□        Mature local industry producing world-class products.

□        A great variety of nearby locations for filming in Spain: natural and rural landscapes, cityscapes, historical and cultural settings.

□        Spain benefits from a Mediterranean climate which provides 3,000 hours of sunlight annually and offers excellent natural light conditions for filming.

□        Modern and extensive infrastructure network that facilitates mobility.

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