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Advertorial: New York Production Report

MediaCombo Productions is a service company founded by born and bred New Yorkers who have been shooting here for over 25 years. We know this city better than anyone else.


After a year of lockdown there’s pent up demand for media of all kinds, production is booming. Still, in spite of the lifting of social distancing restrictions in many localities, Covid production protocols are being enforced on both union and non-union sets. The key preventive measure is vaccination. Crews are overwhelmingly vaccinated. After that, the protocols require testing, temperature monitoring, mask wearing and social distancing for meals and holding when inside or on stage.

As of this writing, the recent spread of the delta variant has not stopped production in New York or LA. Los Angeles has just reinstated indoor mask wearing mandates and New York may follow. That said, productions will continue unless the public health situation deteriorates significantly.


New York production studios can now provide large scale LED walls and video server technology on demand for short term commercial projects. Until recently these custom virtual production installations were limited to feature films, episodic TV or streaming budgets. Now that the technology is becoming more accessible, it’s possible to consider filming a New York based actor, who’s only available for one day, in multiple locations around the world in a single afternoon. The producer must still shoot or create the backgrounds, but the creative possibilities for what can be done in a day just got more interesting.

Please contact Michael Owen at MediaCombo Productions if you would like more information about Covid protocols or virtual Production could impact filming in New York or anywhere in the US.

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