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Advertorial - The Haunting of Compass Rose

For creative people longing for thrill, excitement and hair-raising experiences… dare to explore some of Compass Rose network’s eeriest locations – where you can encounter myths, history and the supernatural at every step!


Whether it’s the dark corners of ancient towns and villages, ghostly castles and churches, or enchanted natural phenomenon – nothing can keep you on the edge more than a mysterious location steeped in folk stories and legends.


Beware the creepy forests of Croatia


“Since it’s Spooky season, we thought that in addition to disguising ourselves in creepy costumes, we’ll have a bit of fun pulling together some spine-tingling locations from across our network of service offices; places where shadowy ruins and thick cobwebs make the perfect setting for storytellers to spin their most chilling tales,” says Compass Rose’s Global Managing Director Pavla Burgetova Callegari.


Take care on the spooky waters of Slovenia


The greatest advantage is that our uniquely positioned locations – across Central and Eastern Europe and as far afield as South Africa – provide spectacular backdrops to match any mood and vibe throughout the year.

So when it comes to creating rich, spellbound experiences, there’s no doubt Compass Rose is leading the charge with expert production teams with a combined hundred years of tradition.


Dare you Czech out Eastern Europe’s old buildings?


“In the land of Dracula, we have a source of inspiration for any magical story. There’s an old derelict castle for every sleek modern building and haunted mountain peaks for every charming scenery,” adds Ileana Anghel, Executive Producers of Icon Films Romania.

At this most spook-tacular time of the year, today is the day when you can collect inspiration that have fright, drama, spooky and wicked written all over it. But beware – you may find hidden gems you may not even begin to suspect!


Ghostly Towns – Czech Republic


Haunted Castles & Churches – Czech Republic, Romania and Slovenia


Modern Mysteries – Romania, Bulgaria, South Africa and Serbia


Creepy & Derelict Houses – Slovenia and South Africa


Enchanted Landscapes - Bulgaria, Romania and Montenegro



Photos: Marko Lorenzo Blaslov, Compass Rose, Goodhope Adventure (South Africa)



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