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Madam and kaboom ‘Make It Great’ for London collaboration with Anolon X

A delicate cocktail of production ingredients were needed for the latest video with cookware specialists Anolon X. To bring the campaign to life, founder of Illuminator agency John Reid turned to kaboom productions and James Lovick, a director known for weaving artful tabletop shots into visual narratives. Since kaboom's headquarters are in the US and Lovick is based the UK, the American production team joined forces with London-based company Madam as their on-the-ground production partner.



“Having worked with Madam before, I knew that if they said yes to the project we would be in good hands - and we were,” says kaboom founder Lauren Schwartz. “James’ above and beyond approach to each project was a massive asset and shows in the resulting work. It was a flawless production and everyone is thrilled with how the spots turned out.”


“We’ve really loved servicing a food production, not just the incredible level of prep and attention to detail on show but the quality of the product too,” adds Carly Stone, executive producer at Madam. “It really was a delicious shoot day.”



Both kaboom and Madam are members of Green The Bid, so the production applied Green The Bid and Adgreen sustainability protocols. By engaging in early conversations around environmental positioning, the team minimised waste on various levels (which included using sets created with sustainable and recyclable materials). Off-setting was done through social enterprise with Madam’s relationship with Just One Tree.


Starring cook and British personality, Hersha Verity, the film was shot in a London kitchen studio with agency and client all attending the shoot remotely. The project highlights the sizzling SearTech surface and captures food preparation in action that is both beautiful and relatable.



The director’s meticulous approach to planning, along with robust production support provided by both Madam and kaboom, translated into a carefully curated piece. By ‘placing’ viewers in the kitchen, we watch things come together in a way that feels effortless and sophisticated. Once the production wrapped, James applied his impeccable craft to editing the project, resulting in more excellent results.


“James’ food shots are always exquisite. His strong vision and his collaborative nature make him a true pleasure to shoot with,” notes Illuminator’s John Reid. “The campaign turned out beautifully, thanks to the seamless collaboration between all of the partners across thousands of miles.” You can watch the Anolon X video here.



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