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Bulgaria reveals first three films to benefit from new 25% rebate scheme

A cash rebate of 25% has been approved by the Bulgarian Film Commission. The incentive arrives as part of the Bulgarian Film Act, offering an attractive rebate on qualifying expenses for films, high-end television series, documentaries and animation. The first three projects to shoot under the scheme are: Crossing, The Caller and The Herd, and each film will be eligible to recoup up to EUR1 million.


“This is a long awaited step in the further development of the film industry in Bulgaria,” explains Jana Karaivanova, CEO of the Bulgarian Film Commission. “I am extremely happy to have had the opportunity, as a CEO of the Bulgarian National Film Centre (2017-2021), to work for the introduction of the necessary changes in the Bulgarian Film Act, that will help the producers and investors to chose Bulgaria and its extraordinary film production capabilities as the next location for their projects.”


Buzludzha Monument in the Bulgarian mountains


Under Karaivanova’s stewardship Bulgaria’s film industry been granted EUR22 million per year in Government Aid, in addition to the 25% cash rebate for incoming filmmakers. The Bulgarian Film Commission was set up to support the cash rebate’s implementation, and applications are reviewed on a first-come-first-served basis.


The Herd is a Bulgarian majority coproduction produced by Vesselka Kiriakova from Red Carpet Films and directed by Milko Lazarov, a graduate from Sofia’s National Academy for Theatre and Arts famed for closing the 2018 edition of the Berlinale with his film Ága. The Caller will be directed by Richard Switzer, marking the second project on directorial duties for the prolific young filmmaker who was once profiled on Entertainment Tonight for being the youngest producer in history. While it has been confirmed that Crossing is a “major studio production,” little else is known about the film as its production continue to keep detail firmly under wraps.


Devil's Throat Cave, near Gyovren village and the border of Greece


In recent years, Bulgaria’s popularity has been boosted by the construction of Nu Boyana Film Studios, a state-of-the-art production complex situated on the outskirts of Sofia at the footy of Vitosha mountain. Spread over 30 hectacres, Nu Boyana Film Studios offers 10 soundstages and an underwater production facility as well as a forest backlot and a motion capture stage.


Photo credits: Compass Rose

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