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Gyllenhaal and Ritchie thriller doubles Spain for Afghanistan

A new collaboration between director Guy Ritchie and actor Jake Gyllenhaal is set to shoot in Spain’s Alicante area. In turn, the Spanish region will double as Afghanistan for the war-themed action-thriller. The as-yet-untitled project is budgeted at an estimated USD55 million. MGM and Amazon have respectively completed separate deals for US and international rights.


“Jake Gyllenhaal is a fantastic talent,” says Ritchie. “At last I have found a perfect project on which we can collaborate.” Ritchie will direct from a script co-written with Ivan Atkinson and Marn Davies. Ritchie and Atkinson will produce through their Toff Guys production umbrella, alongside John Friedberg from STX Entertainment and former studio exectuvie Josh Berger. Olga Filipuk from Kinopiosk is set to act as executive producer.



While Amazon are funding 50% of the project’s overall budget, pre-production funds were reportedly provided by Russian financier Yandex, the tech company that owns Kinopoisk. Indie distributors have taken rights to the film across an array of Asian territories, including Kino in Japan, Joy N Cinema and Moviecloud in Taiwan. Spanish tax credits - organised through Comerica bank - will help to finance the new feature film.


“This will be our third collaboration with Guy and STX is proud to be in a position to support extraordinary filmmakers like him, especially when working with such strong material,” adds Friedberg. “I’m thrilled that we were able to put this film together alongside Ivan and Josh.”




“Guy Ritchie is one of the most beloved directors in Russia,” elaborates Filipuk. “Supporting a top global filmmaker with a massive following in Russia is a key strategic step for Kinopoisk as we commence developing and co-producing international projects. We are excited to begin our relationship with Guy, Josh and Ivan on such an important film.”


Gyllenhaal will play Sgt. John Kinley, an experienced soldier on his last tour of Afghanistan.  When his unit is ambushed, Kinley and local interpreter Ahmed are the only survivors. With enemy fighters in hot pursuit, Ahmed risks his life carrying an injured Kinley across miles of inhospitable terrain.


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