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Nippon TV and Envision Entertainment co-produce new Japan-UK series

Japan's Nippon TV and London-based media company Envision Entertainment have announced their first project together titled CONNECTED. This scripted series has been developed as the result of close creative cooperation between the two companies. The partnerships aims to produce an innovative, high-quality television series with global appeal and international franchise potential. Worldwide format rights for CONNECTED will be offered for the first time at the upcoming Series Mania Forum, with a special showcase set for March 22 in Lille.



“What we believe is strong about CONNECTED is its relatability you may see in young fresh heroes and their struggles... [as well as] how these multi-layered and globally expanding stories are told through online and offline worlds,” says Sayako Aoki, Business Producer and International Business Development at Nippon TV. “We will be thrilled to see Japanese ‘episode zero’ lead to the UK version and to numerous more opportunities, diversifying the universe invented through this East-West collaboration.”


CONNECTED is an innovative crime drama series taking place largely online, mimicking the ways in which today's world is defined by hybrid communication. The concept was inspired by Nippon TV's successful scripted series Double Booking, produced and broadcast in 2020 during the height of the pandemic. The same production team - led by Itaru Mizuno, Creative Director at Nippon TV - is participating in this project.



As with the Double Booking series, CONNECTED will combine both online screens and conventional single camera set-ups. Events unfold in a shared universe where characters from all over the world are ‘connected' to each other through the internet, using their online research skills to solve crimes.


“We are immensely proud of our work with Nippon TV on CONNECTED, an infinitely flexible crime format which can combine stories in any number of languages and territories in an unobtrusive and believable way,” explains Michael Nakan, Chief Content Officer at Envision Entertainment. “Our unique approach to hybrid communication between characters is a million miles away from forced ‘Europudding’ co-productions and offers a genuinely seamless opportunity to tell stories with local resonance and international scale. We look forward to working with partners around the world to develop a truly global group of Homebound Detectives.”



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