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Production Service Network names UK Production Liaison

Production Service Network (PSN) has revealed that Pippa Bhatt will be the new UK Production Liaison. A veteran voice of the London commercial film industry, Pippa will help producers and their projects find the most suitable places to film. She will also guide filmmakers to local shoot support that they can trust.

Pippa looks forward to representing PSN in the UK


"Our Production Service Network is all about putting the local expertise of our vetted production service company Partners at the fingertips of producers," explains PSN EP & Managing Director Michael Moffett, adding how the new UK Production Liaison post dovetails with the Network's core objectives. "We deliver the ground truth that is critical for producers shooting abroad in these uncertain times. And we can now do it face to face with Pippa in London."


While a producer's task is seldom without challenges, complexities have been mounting in recent times. Local crew shortages, a global pandemic and - now - a war in one of the commercial film industries most sought-after hubs illustrate the myriad complications affecting the production industry.


"The last two years have been the most tumultuous time," acknowledges Pippa. "The value of having a locally based, worldwide network of production expertise is a huge asset as producers have looked for answers to their many challenges - a producer's network is their A-Game. For the last three years Madam Films has been the UK country partner and having experienced the wealth of production talent within PSN throughout the world, the level of servicing, expertise and commitment to best in class, it's a pleasure to now be representing the network to the UK market."


Production Service Network is a curated community of top-tier production service companies, offering comprehensive assistance to producers shooting overseas and executing live-action shoots for their clients. Further information is available online.





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