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Radioaktive and TwentyfourSeven will donate profits to Ukrainian causes

Kyiv-based company Radioaktive is set to move its production base to Poland. The group shares offices in the country with service specialists TwentyfourSeven, where the two companies launched a joint production venture. Together, the organisations will donate all profits raised through their partnership to Ukrainian causes until tensions with Russia subside.


“Right now, we are taking donations to help people within the production world,” explains Radioaktive co-founder Darko Skulsky. “Steve Davies from the APA [Advertising Producers Association] and Matt Miller from the AICP [Association of Independent Commercial Producers] are spearheads behind this campaign, and they will use their expertise to help us allocate the money in the right way, getting it to the right people at the right time.”


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“I came out here to Poland because there was a lot of work going on - and then the war broke out. Radioaktive has been tested already by experiencing a number revolutions, so we know how important it is to take care of our people. My main priority at the moment is keeping my producers safe. Roughly, we have 15 people here right now, 40 people in Kyiv, and 30 people fighting. Our people from Kyiv are mainly focussing on helping others come into the country, transporting them to hotels, and making sure their friends in the production industry stay safe.”


Such actions echo the recent endeavours of Alexander Chernobrovkin, CEO of the Ukrainian Media Agency, who spent 22 hours shuttling women and children away from Ukraine’s war zone. In these complicated and uncertain times, people throughout the country are offering their services and looking out for those that need help.


Radioaktive Film


“We are making a conscious effort to hand out things like drones, helmets and body armour,” details Darko, “and we are also setting up some sites where people can donate towards military resources and humanitarian aid. At the same time, we realise that focussing on one group of resources can take up lots of bandwidth at the expense of other things that people need. So we really want to use our networks and industry expertise to support the production sphere too. It is important to have the wherewithal to make short and long term plans. These are our people, our community.”


The APA recently held a Zoom meeting to evaluate and determine what the UK production community can do to support their Ukrainian colleagues. Steve and his team will announce the outcome of their discussion very soon. Darko was present at the meeting, and on the phone to The Location Guide he conveys inspiring levels of steeliness during a moment of great disruption and unrest. “At times, it feels very easy to run around like a chicken without a head. We need to take a step back and regroup a little bit. I’ve changed, the world has changed, we’ve all changed - but we can’t give up. We need to believe that we’ve got this. Ukraine is tough - we are gonna feel some pain but we will bounce back quickly.” Foreign producers can support Ukrainian causes by shooting in Poland with Radioaktive and TwentyfourSeven.

Radioaktive Film

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