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ADVERTORIAL: Pavillon Afriques - the place where Africa welcomes the world at Cannes Film Festival

The mission and driving force of Pavillon Afriques is to increase and give value to the representation of filmmakers, talent and producers who identify with African heritage in order to develop a viable film industry in Africa. Karine Barclais, Founder of Pavillon Afriques, believes in: "giving more visibility to African talents on the global scene and allowing the continent to take a better share of the multi-billion dollar film industry."



Pavillon Afriques’ visionary leadership and dedication in the industry to further the respect and demand of African cinema is at the heart of its commitment.


Pavillon Afriques (PA) brings together the finest filmmakers from Africa and its diaspora from Europe, the Caribbeans and the USA to nurture collaborations and bring to life new co-productions. It invites the rest of the world to discover the talents and the specific ways Africa tells stories.



The international film and entertainment industry is ripe for growth when looking at the incredible talent pool and cultural significance of sharing the vision of growing access to distribution of African film and audiovisuals.  It’s no longer a digital revolution, but a digital evolution!



Since 2019, the flagship event takes place each year at the Cannes Film Festival. PA has become the home where Africans and Afro-descendants welcome the rest of the world.


During 10 days, the programme will aim to educate, strategize, network and entertain through workshops, masterclass, panel discussions, country presentations, screenings, pitch sessions, cocktail parties.



We have content looking for distribution and projects looking for investors. Come and visit Pavillon Afriques in the Village International, Pantiero side.



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