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ADVERTORIAL: RVK Studios - shooting in Iceland

RVK Studios is the owner of the biggest studio in Iceland, with 3 stages. We offer a full range of production service for TV shows, films, documentaries, commercials and much more! Our experienced team is available to assist on everything from location scouting to post-production services.


The production company was founded in 2012 by Baltasar Kormákur, a highly-acclaimed Icelandic director, writer, and producer. As of 2016, RVK Studios has been providing production service and assisting various projects with shooting in Iceland. Our most recent projects include shots for Amundsen, Star Trek – Discovery S3, The Witcher S1-2 and Luther: The Movie.



The RVK Studios team has production experience from our own projects with full responsibility, including creative control, financing, budgeting, cost -controlling and post-production. This experience has been highly valuable when working with partners worldwide, both as co-producers and service providers, bringing often valuable understanding of what is needed and what’s not, when shooting in Iceland.



In 2020 the company teamed up with Netflix to create Katla, an original series that has been viewed worldwide since its release in 2021. Also with Netflix, RVK Studios produced the film Against the Ice, released in March 2022, starring Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Joe Cole.



When it comes to the legal and financial part of projects, we can assist with applications of rebate and all contracts for cast & crew as well as permits and documents needed for shooting on location.



We are building our own exciting film village in Iceland, aiming to make it one of the most desirable film hub in Europe. Our new headquarters will offer back rooms for the studio, production offices, facilities for post-processing, editing suites, colour correcting room and a screening room. Shooting in Iceland? Shoot with RVK Studios.



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