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Hugo Boss and NM Productions shoot commercial in Dubai

NM Productions were commissioned by Hugo Boss for a spot in Dubai. The team produced this commercial for the brand’s latest Watches & Jewellery campaign. Created at the height of the pandemic, the shoot in Dubai took place over four days (and included a night shoot). Directorial duo We Are Animal from NM Productions worked on the project with creative agency Triptyque.



“The resilience and sensibility of the crew in getting this project together during such a challenging time was amazing,” details Anissa Payne, Executive Producer at NM Productions. “We had locked off roads as well as underwater divers, drone teams and multiple unit moves (some of which were on a boat). All in all a lot of moving parts. Our local teams worked tirelessly to ensure that the safety of the crew was maintained in all elements during what was a very challenging schedule, especially for our AD.”



While Andrew McDonnell provided the shoot’s inspiring, futuristic soundtrack, stylist Carmel Harrison, hair specialist Adam Garland and makeup artist Sharon Drugan were on hand to bring the spot’s acting talent to life. Creative director Benjamin Grillon and screenwriter Romain Choay – who, together, form We Are Animal – first met in London approximately ten years ago. Their latest collaborative work with Hugo Boss underlines their ability to merge eye-catching aesthetics with compelling narratives.



Dubai is renowned for its stunning landscapes, yet country also offers an abundance of specialised crew and equipment for incoming filmmakers. A range of tools and techniques were utilised to achieve the look and feel laid out in the creative brief by Hugo Boss, including a Russian arm and Steadicam alongside the aforementioned drone teams, rolling road blocks and underwater divers. The country’s extensive filmmaking infrastructure thus allowed the project’s coordinators from NM Productions to minimise the amount of people travelling.



“Having produced such a great piece of work, during a global pandemic, we know that we can produce many more wonderful films, no matter what the circumstances,” emphasises Payne. The commercial is available to watch online now.


Images courtesy of NM Productions

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