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São Paulo's latest incentive scheme offers 30% cash rebate and USD8 million production fund

SpcineSão Paulo’s state-owned film and audiovisual company – has unveiled the second edition of its cash rebate programme. The latest instalment offers a 30% cash rebate for filmmakers working in São Paulo. A fund worth USD8 million will support national and international productions who choose to shoot in the city, offering four times the amount of 2021's production funding. This pioneering initiative is a joint venture between the City and State Governments.


"The audiovisual industry plays a key role in the culture of São Paulo,” explains Aline Torres, São Paulo’s Secretary of Culture. “It is the window through which the world can see the richness of our city and its diverse histories. And for São Paulo to continue advancing in the sector, through public policies, we launched the Cash Rebate 2022, in partnership with the São Paulo State Government.  We have increased resources to further extend the program and look forward to receiving more high-potential projects.”



Brazil’s film industry is booming, and the city of São Paulo is one of the most highly-sought locations in the country. Spcine, the second biggest Film Commission in Latin America, reported that over 40% of Brazilian productions to date have taken place in the city. São Paulo will also soon home to the first headquarters of the Latin American & Caribbean Film Commission Network (LAFCN), reinforcing its emerging status as a prime production hub for the region.


São Paulo is a very cinematic city,” emphasises the Mayor of São Paulo, Ricardo Nunes. “The Cash Rebate will be able to show the unique stories of São Paulo and at the same time foster the city's economy in several sectors, not just the audiovisual one. That's the magic of the creative economy and why it's one of our city's top priorities.”


The São Paulo Film Commission has assisted over 5,000 audiovisual productions. As well as generating approximately USD2.75 billion of direct and indirect economic impact in the city, it is estimated that the organisation's work has created more than 500,000 jobs each year since 2016. São Paulo’s first cash rebate scheme supported two high-end series, a feature, and a total of 14,000 jobs. The second iteration will continue to provide production and employment opportunities in Brazil.


“In the first edition of our Cash Rebate program, among the projects that received the funds, we had three outstanding productions with international potential to take São Paulo to screens around the globe,” details Torres. “Through Spcine and the Municipal Secretary of Culture, we are working to build partnerships with the various agents of the audiovisual industry, from below-the-line professionals, indispensable in the making of any audiovisual production, to big producers and other above-the-line professionals that work in constant exchange with the international market."



Netflix is set to invest in the development of 40 new Brazilian titles in a variety of formats (including feature films, series, documentaries, and reality shows) and Amazon has also announced it will produce a minimum of three original series in the country. Over 37% of Brazil’s leading production service companies are located in São Paulo, which is home to major forces such as Netflix, Amazon, HBO Max and Disney+.


"The São Paulo cash rebate brings innovative aspects to attract international productions,” adds Spcine’s President Director Viviane Ferreira, a producer, lawyer and scholar who The Location Guide has previously interviewed. “The contemplated projects, evaluated using a scoring matrix with objective criteria, will be able to start receiving the resources right after signing the contracts. Diversity and sustainability come in to make sure that more equitable film productions are selected."


Images courtesy of Spcine and Joao Tzanno


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