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Filmmakers for Ukraine fundraiser continues at Cannes Lions 2022

The fundraising campaign for the Ukrainian filmmaking community will continue at Cannes Lions with support from Gerety Awards and Tantor Films. Ukrainian lapel pins will be available at the Gerety Awards and Tantor Films villa events, and a minimum donation of EUR10 is required for each lapel pin.

“I am happy to be working alongside our friends and colleagues from Gerety Awards and Tantor Films for this very important cause,” details Clara Le, The Location Guide’s commercial director. “From the outset, we wanted to help an initiative that directly and transparently offers support for Ukrainian producers and creatives in a quick and effective manner. At Cannes Lions 2022, we are reaching out to the international advertising community with the goal of raising as much money as possible for Ukraine’s filmmakers.”


“Tantor Films is always ready to support all the people in the industry - especially now, when there is such an unjust and awful war for a country that is such an important player within the film industry, “ says Ingrid Bragemann, Tantor Chile’s executive producer and founder. “We completely support Ukraine, and call the people to support them through The Location Guide’s action.”



Tantor Films has for 20 years unified the advertising and production industry’s talent, work force and diversity across Latin America. They aim to provide an effective services from all manner of clients, whether they are producers, agencies or world-leading international brands. As a member of the World Production Forum and board members of Shoot Chile, Tantor films attend all the major advertising festivals, solidifying their position at the forefront of the global advertising business.


The Gerety Awards is named after Frances Gerety, the copywriter who coined the famous advertising slogan: “A diamond is forever.” The awards mark the first time that juries have been brought together to select the best in advertising through a female lens. Women constitute 80% of all purchasing decisions globally, and the event’s all-star jury ensures that work that resonates with the world’s most powerful consumers is rightfully celebrated.


Filmmakers for Ukraine is an independent European group of filmmakers that gathered after the start of the war in Ukraine. Launched by Crew United, the group created an online platform - an information hub with different kinds of support (accommodation, legal assistance, work, education) - for all those affected by the war, paying special attention to the country’s film community alongside people from socially marginalised groups (LGBTQ+, BPOC, women, children and national minorities). The team is in daily contact with many people who turn to them for help.


Filmmakers for Ukraine - Fundraising Statement

The most important elements of our campaign are:

  • supporting filmmakers
  • helping quickly (for example, sending money by PayPal directly to individual filmmakers in need)
  • avoiding unnecessary formalities, minimalising administrative costs, and maintaining full transparency

If you have a pavilion or an event at Cannes, and would like to get involved in this fundraiser, then please contact: clara.le@thelocationguide.com.


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