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Entertainment and the metaverse: an interview with Matt Warneford, Dubit Founder and CEO

We had a conversation with the CEO and Founder of Dubit, Matt Warneford. Dubit is a studio that specialises in creating games for the metaverse. Matt explained how the metaverse - if harnessed wisely - can help the entertainment sector generate new business opportunities.

How are the media and entertainment industries responding to the metaverse?

It is a tremendous opportunity but also a significant threat. For under 35's traditional TV viewing is down 60% in the last decade, during the same period gaming has grown to over 2.8bn people. Advertising dollars flow to where people spend time, however, it has been difficult for brands to participate in games (beyond banner ads that interrupt gameplay). The metaverse unlocks games meaning brands can now reach an audience that is increasingly abandoning traditional TV.

This sounds like a great moment for the sector...

This is a huge opportunity for the media industry, those who leverage their IP can build huge audiences in the metaverse and unlock significant brand marketing spend. It's also a very real threat. As advertisers realise they can meaningfully engage with under 35s in games, they'll redistribute their marketing spend away from TV and into the metaverse.

How are workflows/production methods improving thanks to metaverse-related technologies?

We are in the early stages of the metaverse. There are the web2 metaverse platforms like Roblox and Fornite, and the emerging web3 platforms like The Sandbox and Decentraland. They all have very different development environments and capabilities.

To make building easier, we have created the Metaverse Brandtech Platform. Our technology greatly reduces development time; we were able to build The Brit Awards Roblox event, including a live performance from PinkPantheress, in 4 weeks.

Later this year we will release the technology to agencies and brands. Not only does it simplify the development of metaverse campaigns, but it also promotes those experiences to millions of players, and allows brands to measure the campaign impact.

What else does your company do in relation to the metaverse?

We help brands enter the metaverse. We do this in three ways:

  1. Integration into an existing experience. We have partnered with hundreds of popular metaverse games, we design brand campaigns that are authentic to the game and add value to the player experience.
  2. Creating a short term event. We create a world for the brand, run an activation inside the world (for example, a performance by a music artist), and promote the event. These types of campaigns typically run for 2 to 8 weeks reaching millions of players.
  3. Building persistent worlds. Like the short term events, we create a world for the brand but continue to update the world every month. The branded experience operates for many months.


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