Written by Joe Jackson on Jun 28, 2022. Posted in Production News

New Ad Council and USDA Forest Service spot encourages families to explore the wilderness

The USDA Forest Service has teamed up with the Ad Council as part of a new spot. The project encourages families to explore the wonders of their local green spaces. An original song, titled ‘Outside,’ was made by Poe Leos and Harv, reminding viewers how enriching it is interact with nature.


“We are excited that many families visit the outdoors and are able to reconnect with each other and nature,” says Jim Copeland, Acting Director, Conservation Education, State and Private Forestry at the USDA Forest Service.. “Through this campaign we hope to reach families currently not engaging in these experiences. It has been inspiring to work with these talented artists to use music as a new way to connect families to their local forests, parks, and other outdoor areas.”



Since 2009, the Ad Council and USDA Forest Service’s Discover the Forest campaign has been designed to motivate parents and caregivers to get outside with their families (whether a park, forest, or any kind of nearby green space). The latest instalment of the campaign coincides with National Great Outdoors Month in June. It was developed by David&Goliath, harnessing the power of music to highlight the ways in which the outdoors is a place of bonding and joy.


“In the newest campaign for Discover the Forest, we set out to bring equity to underrepresented groups within outdoor spaces and our national parks,” explains Blake Winfree, Chief of Social Impact at David&Goliath. “We wanted to create a campaign that is inviting for families of diverse backgrounds to join in on the possibilities of the outdoors with a creative idea that is highlighted by music and culture.”


“Music and nature each have the power to connect people and unlock feelings of joy and peace,” adds Michelle Hillman, Chief Campaign Development Officer at the Ad Council. “This latest iteration of Discover the Forest brings these together in harmony to remind parents that an unforgettable experience in nature with your family is not far away.”


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