Written by Joe Jackson on Jun 21, 2022. Posted in Production News

Stella Artois campaign calls for more dinner parties with friends

Stella Artois is inviting customers to rediscover the simple pleasures of dining with friends. Our work and home lives have become increasingly blurred, and the company’s new spot recognises that meal times are a vital way to continue savouring life. Titled It's Time To Dine Again, the brand playfully highlights the need for consumers to once again savour dinner with their nearest and dearest this summer.


“Many of us have normalised eating meals whenever it's most convenient and sometimes even in the midst of our workload,” explains Lauren Denowitz, the company's U.S. Head of Marketing. “Stella Artois wants to help pour life back into these everyday meals and inspire consumers to bring the joy and connection that comes with sharing at-home dining experiences.”



The film begins with a woman working at home. A loved one enters with two Stellas in hand, inspiring her to sign off from work and have dinner. The table - previously covered with work materials - transforms into a beautiful dining experience. The campaign’s call to action is simple yet effective: “Sign Off, Dine In, Bon Appetit.”


The entire campaign will come to life via television, social media, OOH and much more. For fans with a penchant for home dining experiences, the company has also created five custom summer dishes that are simple to make (and just as easy to enjoy alongside an ice-cold Stella). From Spanish garlic shrimp to lamb meatball sliders, these recipes are now available now at retailers nationwide.


Earlier this year, Stella Artois launched a series of immersive events that transformed classic french fries into pomme frites. This programme kicked off in Miami and will be making its way through a wide range of cultural events over the summer, such as music festivals and sporting events.


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