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Television meets music with release of new HBO series trailer The Idol

Euphoria writer, director, and executive producer Sam Levinson, along with award-winning music artist Abel ‘The Weeknd’ Tesfaye, have created the new HBO originals series The Idol. The show is set to co-star Lily-Rose Depp and The Weeknd, as well as  Australian singer Troye Sivan and South Korean rap artist Jennie Kim . Sky teased the trailer yesterday 18 July 2022 with a release date for Sky Exclusive and streaming service NOW coming soon.



“From the sick twisted minds” of the creators, The Idol is promising an unapologetic and dramatic portrayal of celebrity life. Set against the backdrop of the music industry, the newly released trailer shows fast cuts of overwhelmingly chaotic scenes immersed in the palm tree lined landscapes of Los Angeles. Following the complex relationship between rising pop idol played by Depp and self-help group leader played by Tesfaye, the dynamics between the two worlds are sure to guarantee a plentiful supply of dramatic highs and lows.


No stranger to portraying the raw realities of his characters’ lives, Levinson’s contribution to The Idol strips down the glamorous façade of celebrity. Creator of both Euphoria and Malcom and Marie, Levinson’s directorial impact, and his use of space in both, navigates the audience not only through the chosen locations, whether it be a Californian town or the four walls of a maze-like home, but also the gripping narratives.



As the shrill high pitch of the electric guitar wails throughout the trailer accompanying the chants of “more, more, more”, The Idol’s use of sound is evidently a key factor in the audience’s reaction to the filmed scenes. Placing audio and visual hand in hand with his use of score for Euphoria, produced by London based music artist Labrinth, Levinson’s use of music also contributes to the reception of his story lines. With each character having a specific audial signature, there is a deeper understanding to their motives, as well as their progression through life. With his intimate involvement on the new show, the same attention to how music influences the narrative will surely be given.


Making his acting debut, Abel Tesfaye, professionally known as The Weeknd, will bring a uniquely personal industry perspective to his fictional character and the small screen. Music and the visual industries have long been collaborating on projects, using audial elements to emphasise filmed content. But, with more musicians venturing into the acting, directing and production spaces, content production in all sectors is becoming an interconnected process, reshaping the creative industry altogether.

 Images courtesy of Sky

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