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Suspense built for Rick and Morty season six premiere with global immersive art displays

Fans from across the world have been invited to partake in a global treasure hunt for a number of art displays depicting scenes from Adult Swim's hit show Rick and Morty. The immersive experience is a part of the show’s #WORMAGEDDON global “living episode”. Thus far, scenes have popped up in MexicoCity. Malibu, The Netherlands and Pittsburgh, with the most recent appearing in Adult Swim’s hometown of Atlanta, Georgia on 25 August 2022. The series will premiere it’s sixth season on 4 September 2022. 



Rick and Morty's long awaited sixth season will follow the grandson, grandfather dynamic duo as they face a threat of global destruction and anti-heroes. It follows on from the teaser at the end of last season that saw the rise of a mysterious alien worm aiming to take over the planet. As long-time fixtures under the Adult Swim umbrella, Rick and Morty has transcended the animated series bubble, recently establishing its presence in the meta verse and now becoming global jet-setters to promote their next adventure.


In partnership with insurance company State Farm, the vibrantly coloured figures feature the title characters, alongside the familiar faces of Gene and Glootie. In addition, brand mascot Jake from State Farm makes an appearance, caught up in the otherworldly antics of Rick and Morty. Fans have rushed to the clues released on RickandMorty.com in order to be the first to find the displays where they can have the opportunity to win a golden Rick head. The brand campaign leading up to the new season’s premiere is a display of the international impact of the show that has led to its Emmy award-winning status. 



“We are so blown away by how engaged and excited Rick and Morty fans are for #WORMAGEDDON. Each of our hidden builds were found only mere hours after the first clue was posted,” commented Tricia Melton, chief marketing officer for Warner Bros. Discovery Kids, Young Adults and Classics group. “It’s so incredible to bring both our fans and our sponsors into this immersive Rick and Morty living episode. Who but Adult Swim could dream up a global treasure hunt that includes invading space worm aliens and State Farm?”



The first custom scene was revealed at the Cash de Cultura Jesús Reyes Heroles Coyoacán in Mexico City on 20 August. Following that, the second was announced on 22 August. With the coordinates released online, it was found by a fan in Malibu California. The following day, infamous show character Jerry Smith was found on a windmill in the Netherlands. The last before the most recent reveal was in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on 24 August. In addition to the global eye-catching art displays, a series of custom animated shorts have been released, offering context to the scenes of the dangerous alien invasion. These include A Citadel Secret, A Journey to Earth and Threat Level: Wormageddon. In total, the short have received over 30 million minutes worth of views globally. 



Adult Swim has been home to much loved adult animated shows for the last fifteen years. Critically acclaimed and award-winning shows include Rick and Morty, Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal, The Eric Andre Show, Three Busy Debras, Tuca and Bertie and Joe Pera Talks with You. 



Images courtesy of Warner Media 


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