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Cities become playgrounds in new G Star Raw campaign

Felix Brady brings larger than life images to the newest advert for G Star Raw. The Stink Films director along with Amsterdam based creative agency The Family sets models swinging off of sky scrapers and towering above the concrete jungle.


Known for his use of technology to present futuristic imagery in his projects, Brady’s innovative touch has been marked as a sort of signature. With involvement in music videos for Green Tea Peng and commercials for Nike and Samsung, there is an undeniable grandeur to his stylistic approach.



Stink Films production company, professional home to Brady, boats an impressive list of directors possessing individualistic creative eyes. The London based company has been at the helm of an array of projects, all pushing the boundaries of visual art.


Working alongside The Family founder and executive creative director Joris Kuijpers, Brady was excited to work with the company who had “apocalyptic protocols as he let Stink Films know. Based in Amsterdam, the creative agency is rooted in a mentality of originality and connectedness, calling their clients ‘family’.



With a roster of previous G Star Raw campaigns, The Family has been heavily involved in the Dutch brand’s representation of their fashion line, watching its marketing evolution as new talent gets involved. Possessing a personal and professional connection to the brand, Kuijpers ensured that Brady was creatively immersed, not only in what projects had come before his involvement, but also in the brand ethos itself.


Images courtesy of Stink Films 


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