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Serious Stages makes their mark at Longcross Studios

Somerset based staging company, Serious Stages, have brought their state-of-the-art structures to Longcross studios. With over 200,000 square feet of stage space and a variety of other workshops and location areas, Serious Stages has contributed and expanded Longcross to cater for the recent and future production boom.


Starting their journey constructing Stages for Festivals, including the famous Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts. Serious Stages have over 35 years of experience within the entertainment industry. The company have constructed a staggering 8 stages spanning across 200,000 square feet for their lease at Longcross with plans for further stages, allowing the studio to cater for the growing activity on the Chertsey lot.


Image courtesy of Serious International Ltd


In addition to this, space has been created for sound production, wardrobing and back lots. With the reputation of the stage company, Commercial Director Debbie Priestnall’s words of “build and they will come” rings true with the recent UK production boom, and the need for filming space across the country. As a known location, the expanse of land for production created by Serious Stages for Longcross Studios allows for efficient production and quick turnover.


Image courtesy of Serious International Ltd

Following Netflix’s 2021 announcement of their long-term lease at Longcross studios and their investment into UK production, the studio’s expansion has been in direct correlation to the demand for more space. As an off-shoot space for production coming out of Pinewood Studios and Shepperton, Serious stages have ensured that Longcross are equipped with suitable infrastructure for the growing amount of activity.


Image courtesy of Netflix


Beyond the expected stage construction, Serious aims to work in conjunction with production, the company provides facilities beyond the confines of a stage space. From green screens to rigging equipment, and the concern for providing infrastructure surrounding the stage environment, the stage company aims to establish itself as a hub for all the needs of media development.


Image courtesy of Disney


Serious Stages have housed Mission Impossible 7 as well as contributing to Longcross’ housing of the 2022 Agatha Christie reimagining of Death on the Nile, and amongst many others. In addition, power houses such as Lucas Films, Netflix, and Marvel, have utilised the market leader for their stage and special needs as they develop Longcross Studios.


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