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EA’s Need for Speed sports new look with Unbound announcement

Electronic Arts (EA) announced their upcoming project Need for Speed Unbound on 6 October 2022. Taking on a different image, the newest iteration of the street car racing game will feature the likeness of A$AP Rocky and the musical soundtrack of his creative agency AWGE.


Following an image leak that revealed the new style of the game’s next chapter, EA’s trailer release gave fans the opportunity to peel back much more on what they could expect. With vibrant graffiti like illustrations sketched over the high contrast character and car designs, Unbound has taken on a new style.



EA’s Guildford, England based studio Criterion will once again lend their hand to the development of Unbound. The use of Frostbite Engine to deliver 4k 60fps visuals allows gamers to experience a new dimension of the Lakeshore virtual world.



"Need for Speed is about trendsetting. Need for Speed is about breaking the mold. Need for Speed is about rebellion. It's at the heart of that street racing fantasy, so we should be exploring new art styles and new visions and new ways the game can look, so that we can not only stand out from everything else, but also deliver innovation where we should be setting trends," creative director Kieran Crimmins told IGN.



Described as “‘Jet Set Radio’-meets-anime style graphics” by Hypebeast, the animations have developed the side lined avatars of the previous games into developed characters that build an immersive environment. The mesh of hip-hop street style, music and racing brings the energetic nightlife to the rooms of dedicated players.


Images courtesy of Electronic Arts


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