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Advertorial: Microsalón AEC 2022 brings together leading cinematographers and companies in Madrid

Spain’s Society of Cinematographers (AEC) will celebrate the 5th edition of the MicroSalón AEC audiovisual meeting on 25 and 26 November in Madrid. Supported by Madrid Film Office, director Raúl Torquemada credit their involvement as “part of our support programme for the promotion of Madrid's audiovisual industry and the generation of forums and networking spaces for the sector in the city”. Madrid City Council's filming and audiovisual promotion office will also provide their support.


MicroSalón AEC seeks to bring together hundreds of professionals to share the latest trends and innovations in the audiovisual sector and contribute R+D+i to the film industry. The fair will host cinematographers from Spain and abroad, as well as manufacturers, material rental houses, producers, and schools. More than 40 companies will exhibit their services and products for the development of the film industry.


"The most important thing is the direct contact that the public can have with rental professionals, distributors or manufacturers, and the enhancement of the creative and technical work of the cinematographers,” commented Nuria Roldos, vice president of AEC. "Cinematographers have a creative and artistic part of being able to imagine the final result, and a very technical part, which also has its artistic consequences."



The programme will include conferences on the direction of photography in various films and series, along with round tables on sustainability in filming, virtual production, intellectual property and copyright.


Dircetor of Photography at AEC Almudena Sánchez commented: “Madrid is also one of the European capitals with the most days of sunshine per year. Sunlight is clean and clear, casting sharp shadows that change in length with the seasons. This generates volumes and atmospheres full of fascinating nuances for any cinematographer. The sunshine and clear skies have fascinated painters and director for a long time, and this is why the city is a sought after setting for filming.”


The city of Madrid has positioned itself as an important audiovisual hub in recent years, with an annual increase in projects. Its extensive industrial and professional fabric, its variety of locations, as well as the support of the administration to turn the Madrid region into a film-friendly territory are some of the factors involved in this boost.


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