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So much more than more than sitting in Snug Sofas newest commercial

Giles Ripley directs Snug Sofa’s newest commercial titled PTSD. Flashing back to exaggerated experiences of customers waiting for the delivery of their comfortable seating, the advert subverts the typical sofa selling commercial campaigns that bring an idyllic sense of peace with a more realistic sense of chaos.



Ripley, the director associated with production company Agile films bring a comically quirky take to the sofa advert. From delays, taking incorrect measurements and making sure the seating accommodates the whole family, the Snug Sofa stint covers it all, peeling back the rose tinted façade of their counterparts.



The award-winning director is not new to bringing a comedic tone to his projects, bringing the same energy to his work with the Tansavia Holidays are Back campaign and KFC’s O’Sander’s Feast. From the simple living room setting of each character’s sofa purchasing experience story, the scenes jump to the theatrically energetic scenes painting a darker insight as well as state of the scenes being portrayed.



Tom Ford serves as producer on  the project alongside agency producer Rachel Bishop from Wax/On. Casting includes Luke Palmer, Akshay Shah Kate O’Rourke, Jake Tindle, Palmena Velichkova, Josephine Arden, Bhavin Bhatt, Asya Ivan, Plasmen Spirov and Olga Anastasova.



Images courtesy of Giles Ripley 


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