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ITV’s A Spy Among Friends film in London boroughs with help of FilmFixer

Lingering throughout some familiar London borough sites, ITV’s newest series A Spy Among Friends travelled between Camden, Islington and Haringey with the help of London based company FilmFixer. The British espionage thriller starring Guy Pearce and Damian Lewis with air tomorrow, 8 December.



Based on the number one bestselling book of the same name by Ben Macintyre, A Spy Among Friends follows MI6 intelligence officer Nicholas Elliot in 1963 England, navigating the turmoil that arises when he discovers his close friend Kim Philby has been working as a double agent for the KGB, defecting to the Soviet Union.



"Our behind-the-scenes photos show how the convincingly moody atmosphere was created, with the special effects team manually moving the rain stands during filming, to cleverly create a highly realistic windy rain effect.” said Luke Wilson, Senior Film Officer, FilmFixer



Camden’s Goodenough College on Mecklenburgh Square doubled for The Cortauld Gallery in 1960’s London. In addition, a house on the square also serves as the exterior of a grand London apartment block where one of the main characters lives.



Moving to the north London borough of Islington, filming took place in St James Church Gardens, Sekforde Street and Clerkenwell Close.



For a theatrical performance, careful advance planning was coordinated, alongside resident engagement paved the way for the special effects team who filled Etheldene Avenue with rain stands. As a covertly dressed actor sauntered down the road lined with vintage cars, the modern day London street was transported back to the 1960’s.



Images courtesy of FilmFixer


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