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Ukrainian drivers and ambulances championed by latest Uber campaign

With the tag line of “Keep Ukraine Moving”, Uber launched three films directed by Oleg Tomin, capturing the stories of drivers who have leant a hand in transportation during the war with Russia. Whilst funding over 100,000 rides since the siege, Uber points out that it is the drivers who make it all possible.



No glitz, drama or overly adventurous visual storytelling, the latest advertising campaign tells it as it is. Giving the floor to three drivers, Pasha, Dima and Oksana, who have had first-hand experience in doing their job during the war, the campaigns capture them all in their work element.


“On February 24th, 2022,  in Ukraine a ride became more than just a ride,” the beginning of each film states.



Los Angeles and Kyiv based ad agency Banda took the lead on the project, also hoping to generate donations for Ukraine’s United24 foundation alongside bringing awareness to the ongoing efforts being made during the war, even as it begins to disappear from the headlines. These predicted donations will be matched by the USD 1 million raised by Uber initially that was used to support the Ministry of Health of Ukraine to by new ambulances.



As one video recounts the experience of Dima, he tells the story of bringing a soldier to meet his baby for the first time since being called to fight on the front lines. Conducting a total of 674 trips since the siege. Dima expresses his own shock and fear when everything started.


From driving amongst the rubble of destroyed building and bridges used to evacuate, to traveling for up to 28 hours, the stories of the drivers are accompanied by the tangible images adding to the emotion and understanding of what each subject has truly experienced, and what they have had to withstand.



Images courtesy of Uber 


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