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Ad agency The Monkeys takes consumers to Un-Australia

Australian advertising agency The Monkeys capture the consequences of being labelled as Un-Australian in their newest campaign for Australian Lamb.  However, finding a sense of community in their exile with a few pieced of barbecued lamb, Un-Australia shows that a few controversial opinions can’t take away from the quintessential elements of local culture.



Creative Director Scott Dettrick along with head of production Penny Brown take the consumer on a tumultuous journey of unexpected disappearances, due to making a few statements or doing things that are deemed as Un-Australian. From cheering for victory at a bake off to accidentally switching the channel on a cricket game, no one is safe. As their status of being truly Australian is at the mercy of other’s judgement, individuals in the campaign are sent away in a blip to the barren land of exile.



That is all until some barbecued lamb gets transported to the land of exile bringing back the Australian identity to a community who seem to lack it. With the arrival of the 100% Australian Lamb to the scene, the rejected many regain a sense of hope, quickly followed by the arrival of the pub which was gets sent off in a misjudged announcement of the whole establishment being “Un-Australian”.



Australian Ad-Agency of the Year for two years in a year, The Monkeys, are known for their quirky and thought provoking projects for a wide ranging roster of clients including Amazon Prime, Nike and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. Last month, The Monkeys were also involved in production company Collider’s campaign for Tuvalu’s Foreign Minister’s presentation on the disappearing landmass and the idea of creating the first digitalised nation. In addition, the agency took home two prizes at the Effie Awards, receiving the Global Grand Effies for Sustained Success in Products and Services.




Images courtesy of Australian Lamb


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